Announcing FeedMail


I’m excited to be launching my first paid service. FeedMail allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds via Email.

I’ve been using email to follow RSS feeds for years now and I think it is a great option for keeping up to date on your favourite topics. I have special email addresses that filter into different folders for different types of updates. These folders don’t notify me but I always have them synced to my phone and computer. Anytime I am on the bus or otherwise have a moment of downtime I just open up these folders and catch up. I have a “Not Important” folder for most of my news and updates as well as a “Videos” folder for videos. I also get a couple of more important feeds sent directly to my inbox.

This workflow has worked really well for me over the years. I encourage you to give it a try, as crazy as getting more email sounds you just might enjoy it.

For the official announcement see the post on the FeedMail blog. I’ll be posting future feature updates there to keep this blog more personal, however FeedMail will probably be mentioned here when I post about technologies and other design thoughts.

Of course you can use FeedMail to subscribe to this blog if you like. (I know the email subscribe link below isn’t using FeedMail yet, I need to improve the subscription flow for new users first, I hope to polish that and switch over the links soon.)